Town Cemetery

Lych Gate in Charlbury

Charlbury Town Cemetery is located on Pound Hill behind the old lych gate. There are three areas within the cemetery: the old cemetery, the ‘new’ extension and the northern extension (which is now the new area that has space for burials and ashes interments).

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Fees and Charges 2022/2023

Effective 26th May 2022

Burials                                                        £

Child                                                       15                                                                                  

 Person 16yrs +                                    200

Re-open grave (2nd interment)        200

Interment of ashes                            150

Exclusive Rights                                  300

Small cross of wood                             50

Other monument or kerb                 185

Additional Inscription                        150

Small vase/tablet/plaque                 150

Headstone and Kerb combined       280

All fees are doubled for non-residents of Charlbury.