Apply For A Grant

Grants awarded by Charlbury Town Council for 2022-23

OrganisationAmount awarded
Charlbury Football Club1000
Charlbury Pre-school435
Dementia Friendly Charlbury75
All Together in Charlbury250
Wychwood Forest Trust2000
Riverside Festival5000
Farmland Bird Aid Network250
Thomas Gifford Trust3050
Charlbury Art Society1000
Grants awarded for 2022-23

The next round of grant applications from local organisations is invited from April 2022 with the closing date of 5pm on 31st October 2022.

The application form will be available on the website and can be emailed to the Town Clerk at

Grants will be considered based on their potential to meet the Council’s Vision and Mission:


For Charlbury and the surrounding area to become a zero-carbon community that is thriving, inclusive, beautiful, biodiverse and sustainable now and in the future.


Ensuring that Town Council services are delivered efficiently, sustainably and cost-effectively to meet the needs of Charlbury residents.

Delivering on our commitment to act on the climate and ecological emergencies by actively preparing Charlbury and its environment for a zero carbon, biodiverse and sustainable future. 

 More details to follow.

Charlbury Town Council