Charlbury Town Council’s vision:

For Charlbury and the surrounding area to become a zero carbon community that is thriving, inclusive, beautiful, biodiverse and sustainable now and in the future.

Welcome to the Charlbury Town Council website. On these pages, you will find information about dates of meetings, the Town Council with contact details, and the financial reports together with general information and links to other useful local sites. Agendas and minutes for committees can be found on the relevant committee page.

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Exciting new opportunity

Charlbury Community Market Co-ordinator

The Town Council is looking for a co-ordinator to support its vision for the market and to develop a vibrant, community-focused market.

The role is self-funded*: the successful co-ordinator will run a weekly stall at the market on behalf of small businesses unable to attend themselves and agree a percentage of the profits with each small business as commission. Experience to date shows that running such a stall is profitable. (* This is not an offer of employment by the Council)

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