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Charlbury Hedgerow Surveying Workshops

Sunday 3 July and Sunday 17 July

Would you like to help survey Charlbury’s hedges?

Hedges are so important in our landscape as wildlife corridors and refuges for plants, insects, birds, reptiles and small mammals. The People’s Trust for Endangered Species is running “The Great British Hedgerow Survey”, a national survey which assesses the health and management of hedges.  Charlbury is going to take part in the survey, building on earlier surveys carried out in the  parish, and we are looking for people to help.

Wild Oxfordshire is going to provide training, paid for by the Town Council, in how to carry out the survey, at two workshops on Sunday 3 July (12-4pm) and Sunday 17 July. The first workshop is an introductory one, covering plant identification and the surveying techniques. The second workshop follows on from the first, when we will put our learning into practice and look at how to carry the project forward. Both workshops will be held outdoors at a hedgerow site. More details will be given upon registration of your interest.

If you would like to help and are interested in joining the workshops, and for more details, please get in touch with Chris Beausire at chrisbeausire@btinternet.com, or with Christine Elliott on 01608 811057.

Also, for more information, here is a link to the article on Charlbury hedges that appeared in the Charlbury Chronicle. Charlbury Hedges article

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