Land and Nature Team


Current work being undertaken by the LNG

Click here for a flyer that was available at street fair last year and explains what is currently happening with the Land and Nature Group

Learn about the health of our hedgerows

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Wild Oxfordshire – Talking Hedges

Hedgerows – The green veins of our landscape

Management of Grass Areas within Charlbury

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Insect hotel sign
Insect Hotel

The Formal Bit …………..

Aim of the Land & Nature Group:

To secure the recovery of nature in and around Charlbury. To enable everyone to enjoy access to green spaces.

  1. Inspire and empower residents to bring the wild back into our neighbourhood.
  2. Improve our evidence, understanding and monitoring of local nature/bio-diversity.
  3. Restore, connect and create habitats:
    1. hedgerows/woodland/orchards/gardens
    2. veteran trees
    3. verges/grassland/pasture
    4. water courses
  4. Tackle key pressures on species and habitats (e.g. sewage pollution, pesticides)
  5. Increase carbon sequestration in soil and vegetation
  6. Promote natural flood management
  7. Promote well-being through access to nature
Land and Nature Working Group Terms of Reference